Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Harassment of a sex worker

Unfortunately, as our online harassment lawyers know, sex workers suffer from a horrendous amount of online harassment. What is also unfortunate is that they cannot find the help that they need, legally, for this very serious matter, due to prejudism. 

Cohen Davis do not have such prejudism. We believe that if you are being harassed online, in some form, whatever you look like and whatever you do, you need help from a specialised internet law lawyer as soon as possible. 

'Being a sex worker does not mean that you can't have a private life', said the judge, in one of our groundbreaking cases where Cohen Davis obtained a privacy injunction for its escort client. 

Call us today. We are online harassment lawyers and we work for everyone - 0800-612-7211. 

  • Harassment of sex workers legal advice

    Harassment of sex workers legal advice
  • Sex worker harassment

    Sex worker harassment
  • Adult entertainment worker harassment

    You only have to fear violence and feel alarm and distress on two occasions for this to amount to the criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour - another form of harassment and this type of criminal offence is rife in the adult entertainment video / porn star / sex worker industry.

    Adult entertainment worker harassment shouldn't be accepted as part of the job

    The amount of violence shown in adult entertainment/porn

  • Sharing intimate images and videos

    Sharing intimate images and videos

    Sharing intimate images and videos without your consent is a form of harassment, which can go on for ever.

    If you have discovered that someone is dharing intimate images and videos of you, the repercussions on your mental health, relationships, career and social life can be devastating. It feels embarrassing, scary and seriously life- affecting for you. 

  • Bullying and harassment of sex workers

    The Criminal Offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour is another form of Harassment and it is rife in the adult video / sex worker industry

    How many sex workers suffer harassment from performing in an adult video, where the producer has inflicted psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse on them on a regular basis and then further