Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Internet harassment

In the United Kingdom, internet harassment is a criminal offence and a civil wrongdoing

You can take legal action both in the civil and in the criminal courts to stop internet or online harassment. Internet harassment should be treated the same way as offline harassment but, sadly, victims of internet harassment in the UK are often being treated much less favourably by the police than victims of offline harassment.

Perhaps this is because the police in the UK find it easier to investigate traditional cases of harassment. Internet harassment is often much more prevalent, persistent and unrelenting than offline harassment. The ongoing publications which constitute online harassment tend to target the victim, causing him or her tremendous distress.

To constitute harassment, internet harassment does not have to be threatening or intimidating. It is enough for the online publications to be continuous and to cause distress and anxiety to the victim. We encourage our clients who suffer from internet harassment in the UK to make repeated reports to the police and we often provide them with good advice and tools to ensure that their reports are taken seriously and are acted upon.

In some cases, our team at Cohen Davis is able to initiate private prosecution of perpetrators of online harassment by effectively bypassing the UK police’s resistance to seriously investigate cases of online harassment. To discuss your online harassment matter call us free, as soon as possible on 0800 612 7211.