Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Internet Trolling UK

Internet Trolling is the act of someone making unsolicited random comments in an online community (social media platforms, forums, blogsites) that are controversial, in order to provoke emotion and reaction and if you are a target of internet trolling, we have no doubt that you may be experiencing anger, anxiety, stress, health problems, sleep issues and deep concerns about all areas of your life, along with the worry about how to get help from someone who understands what is happening as well as dealing with it legally. 

Since it is still a misconception that anything that happens online is not anything that the police deal with, you may be in a quandary just what to do. Online trolling and harassment is in fact a criminal offence and the police in your area should be dealing with it, so we advise you to take all evidence to them and do not be fobbed off. Please see our article on how to report any type of harassment to the police. 

Trolling, in all its variations, is one of the most pervasive forms of online harassment and many of our clients in the public eye and/or use social media accounts for their career have been the targets of these widespread inflammatory, hate-filled trolling campaigns of harassment. 

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