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Why quick clean up online companies do not help if you are being harassed online and here we talk about comprehensive, long term harassment legal remedies. 

So, what if you find yourself in the extremely stressful situation as a target of online harassment and have found your name, image or video splashed all over the internet in a derogatory way?

You need a clean up online and have it all removed as fast as possible, whilst dealing with the extreme stress and anxiety, before anyone sees it, right?

So, you do a search online and you see a 'clean up online company' that promises to 'remove your personal information online' for just a hundred dollars per term on a subscription. So, you click join up, pay the fee, sit back and wait to see it all removed and hope that it reduces some anxiety because if you have your name splashed all over the internet, we know how the impact is affecting you. 

If a quick, surface clean up online is what you seek, these companies are promising to do just that. We cannot vouch for whether they do or they don't but we want you to consider a few legal aspects and be aware of what following the route of using a clean up online company would and wouldn't do before you commit because ultimately we know, as a target of online harassment, legal remedies are necessary and it is more than just a 'quick clean up online' that you need. 

Quick 'Clean ups' do not stop the criminal activity of harassment. In fact, they mask it. 

The following questions to ask yourself have been compiled, purely because we are an internet law firm providing long term full harassment legal remedies to our clients who have come to us wanting help with very serious matters and the first thing we do is a clean up online and then we deal with the legal side putting long term solutions in place with remedies and often on a no win no fee basis, so this would be legal and at no charge to you.

Our internet law firm is ran by lawyers who are dedicated to all internet related issues and online harassment is a growing and massive concern and we feel passionate about assisting people with long-term solutions, with legally binding mechanisms in place, as well as the mental and physical relief.

Online harassment is not just a quick clean up online to 'remove your personal information'. Harassment legal remedies are a necessity and we help thousands of victims of online harassment a year with full and comprehensive clean ups with longlasting effects. We know how far-reaching harassment can affect you. So, before you decide to click 'join' to a clean up company, please consider the following:

  • Does it stop the perpetrator/s of harassment that is/are trying to control and bully you? 
  • Does it stop the perpetrator finding another way of harassing you, if everything they are posting with your name on is supposedly wiped off?
  • Does it remove images and videos forever?
  • Will they be able to manage your reputation?
  • Do they bring a claim for defamation, harassment, malicious falsehood, breach of privacy, misuse of private information, breach of copyright and data protection breaches?
  • Does it deal with impersonation online?
  • Do they serve injunctions?
  • Does it remove the fear and the anxiety that you are experiencing?
  • Does it deal with the isolation and blacklisting that you are enduring?
  • Do they locate the suspect's identity through websites, platforms and IP addresses?
  • Does it give you a legally-binding assurance that it is not going to happen again?
  • Does it remove the comprehensive links and loops to your name on the internet? 
  • Is it just a temporary, quick, surface solution? 
  • Do you have to keep checking the internet to make sure it is gone?
  • Is it the only way you are being harassed? For example, are you receiving anonymous phone calls, a feeling of being 'watched' or having anything physical happening?
  • Will there be anyone real to talk to, if you call them and what time zone are they on (if there is a number and not just a contact form online) that understands how being harassed online affects you? Will anyone know how to talk to you, empathetically and reassuringly?
  • Will they be able to buy back copyrights of images or videos from producers?
  • Will they seek damages for the lost days that you couldn't work or go to school?
  • Is it a long term and legally binding solution? 
  • Do you want it to stop and the perpetrator to stop from all harassment?
  • Will they be there when you need to talk to someone about more offensive material that has appeared or about anything that you are experiencing that is related to the harassment?
  • Will they find out who the 'anonymous' hate speech online posters are and make them accountable?
  • Will you be able to sleep at night again? 

There are numerous questions to ask of yourself before parting with your money to a clean up online company that will just do as they say and clean up the internet of your name, but not dealing with it legally may not help you sleep at night, because online harassment is more than just cleaning up the internet of your name, as many of our clients unfortunately know. 

Call Cohen Davis for long term, harassment legal remedies, as well as a clean up online. A stress reducing, confidential consultation with a real live internet lawyer, about your serious issue today will probably save you money and will most definitely save you continued anxiety and harassment: 0800 612 7211. We often work on a no win no fee situation and that could very well be for you. 

We help survivors of online harassment sleep at night.



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