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Online defamation could cause great reputational damage but protecting and preserving reputations is what many of our clients, from all walks of life (not just high profile and high-net-worth individuals) have come to rely on us for.

If you or your organisation have become a target of online defamation, or where you are aware that an attack on your reputation is imminent (most obviously if you are in the public eye), you should seek immediate advice from specialist internet law/defamation lawyers, who will act rapidly and strategically, with full consideration of the PR consequences of legal proceedings. 

Online defamation refers to any untrue statement posted in an online context that causes or is likely to cause serious harm to someone's reputation or business and that defamatory publication is a libel or slander defamation. Libel is in written form (materials published online and electronically like emails) and slander is in verbal form (audio and TV recordings). The result of one single defamatory post or publication can be catastrophic to reputations within seconds, if it appears online. It is important to appoint a defamation lawyer who will act pragmatically on quick remedies with long-term, legally-binding solutions in protecting your reputation.

Before starting legal proceedings, particularly for defamation, we will need to consider the likelihood of success and try to foresee the PR consequences of a successful and unsuccessful legal proceedings. We will need to consider the short-term benefits as well as the long-term consequences for taking or refraining from legal action.

Taking legal action for online defamation may not be the most sustainable way to protect your personal or your organisation's reputation in the long run and we will explore all options with you, comprehensively, in our initial consultation.

Read about one of our defamation cases where we saved a large company from reputation and financial damage from one single person's postings. 

As soon as you discover that someone is defaming you or your business on the internet, it is important to act now. Cohen Davis have represented people from all walks of life that have had defamation posted online and most often, on social media. 

Gather as much evidence as you can, as soon as possible, because we will need to get the defamatory information off the internet before Google or other search engines put it into their search results. Other search engines may take a while to index the defamatory webpages but as long as it takes, it takes the same amount of time to remove also, so this reiterates the need to act rapidly. We need to ensure that all snippets of online defamation and links are removed, too and that is something that again, needs technical expertise and experience.  

We are also connected with some of leading internet law attorneys around the world, so we have easy and swift access to them to assist, if necessary.

Cohen Davis will obtain emergency injunctions if your concern is about a possible imminent publication and deal with all litigation concerning your online defamation, including harassment, breach of privacy, disclosure of private and confidential information, malicious falsehoods and data protection issues. No matter how complex it seems, we will have dealt with a similar case like yours and careful, long term considerations are paramount to our successes. 

We would advise you to not delay in getting help with this very serious and insidious matter. Call: 0800 612 7211.

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