Monday, June 01, 2020
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Legal action for harassment

Online harassment legal action

Legal action for harassment

It often take time before victims are ready to take legal action for harassment.  The fact that the same person who had invaded your life, causing  you so much emotional damage, is now effectively forcing you to engage in legal action, is difficult to comprehend. 

Legal action for harassment will naturally require from the victim further investment of emotional capital and if you wondered for a moment, the word "investment" is most appropriate in this context.

Being harassed online or offline has is a draining process. It takes its toll and tend to exhaust nearly all of your resources. Taking Legal action for harassment on the other hand, has a huge potential reward awaiting for those who dare. After all, what is more valuable to a human being than their freedom from slavery and yes, online harassment is a form of slavery. The opportunity to be released from the slowly squeezing, strangling hands of your harasser might not come your way every day. If you are reading this page, it most likely to mean that you are pretty much there.