Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Internet Harassment Lawyers

Cohen Davis is a dedicated law firm that provides a full service to clients from all over the world with the focus entirely on internet law.

We do what is necessary to assist our clients that are suffering from online harassment and we are undeterred by any large and complex cases, where volumes of evidence need to be sought and we know just what to do to remove unbreakable chains between the harassing webpages and the perpetrators. We can track the trolls and we can remove websites instantly. We have served injunctions on anonymous users on social media. We are undeterred by any online harassment case and we will do what needs to be done, as we feel passionately about helping people that have become victims of online harassment.

We have years of experience in internet law and understanding the intricacies of the internet from a technical point of view (Yair Cohen, Founder - learnt to code alongside studying law). We have the extraordinary combination of legal expertise, experience and success, alongside really caring about our clients and getting the absolute best outcome for them. Online harassment isn't just a legal matter. It is a matter that can save lives. 

A successful outcome of your online harassment case is important to us and of course, it depends on what is involved with your case but it most likely will result firstly in a swift removal of the offending material online which usually brings immediate relief to our clients (whilst we work on a more comprehensive, long term removal and the particulars of the case).  Call our friendly team of internet law experts today. We are waiting to help you: 0800 612 7211.