Wednesday, July 08, 2020
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Texting Harassment Lawyer

If you are feeling alarmed, distressed and harassed by texts, emails and anything else that you are being bombarded with, via public electronic communication, it is a criminal offence. Many people do not know that a constant bombardment of messages from someone, when you have asked them to stop, is harassment and harassment is a criminal offence and civil wrongdoing. 

In the context of emails and texts, a course of conduct in harassment must involve at least two emails or two texts being sent to you, as well as the harasser sending the same email to two people. It doesn't need to be the same message on both occasions but they need to be related and not two isolated incidents. So, sending somebody a threatening email and later sending them a threatening text message and it is causing you anxiety would satisfy the requirements of harassment.

Harassment doesn't have to be threatening, it is worth noting. It just has to be persistent, unwanted and causing you to feel anxious and upset. 

Cohen Davis unfortunately have seen the emails and texts as only the beginning or part of a campaign of harassment but you will get immediate relief by just talking to someone who knows the law and understands your frustration when the emails and texts will just not stop, despite any requests or any amount of ignoring.

We would advise you to contact us for help, as soon as possible, in case the perpetrator takes it further. 

Repeated, Unwanted Texting is Harassment. Call Cohen Davis today: 0800 612 7211, if you are experiencing this and it isn't stopping. We are Internet Law Experts and it is quite likely that we have helped someone in a similar situation. In many cases, a letter from us outlining the consequences of the harassment is enough for the perpetrator to stop.