Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Adult entertainment harassment lawyer

Sex workers, porn stars and sex video actors can suffer horrendous abuse, coercive control and harassment and they often do not know where to turn with any legal issues, since they may feel that there is a stigma attached to their line of work. 

Cohen Davis represent people from all walks of life and we are proud to legally represent all people that work in the adult entertainment industry, with any harassment issue. We can apply for anonymity from the courts, private injunctions for sex workers, we are discreet, we don't judge and we are confidential: 0800-612-7211.

  • Adult entertainment worker harassment

    You only have to fear violence and feel alarm and distress on two occasions for this to amount to the criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour - another form of harassment and this type of criminal offence is rife in the adult entertainment video / porn star / sex worker industry.

    Adult entertainment worker harassment shouldn't be accepted as part of the job

    The amount of violence shown in adult entertainment/porn

  • Harassed into performing in a sex video

    Harassed into sex video

    If you are feeling ripped apart, full of anxiety, paranoid, that your career is over and you have had suicidal thoughts because you feel that you were harassed into performing in a sex video, that are now on the internet and do not know where to turn, we advise you to call Cohen Davis now: 0800-612-7211. 

    You may have been threatened that there is proof of your consent to appearing in the sex video and you do

  • Tricked into sex video legal help

    Remove sex video legal help

    Where do you turn to for sex video legal help, when you thought you were going to a modelling shoot and were tricked into performing in a sex video and it is appearing all over the internet?

    Cohen Davis internet lawyers have no doubt that right now, if you are seeking sex video legal help, you feel out of control and ripped apart with the

  • Bullying and harassment of sex workers

    The Criminal Offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour is another form of Harassment and it is rife in the adult video / sex worker industry

    How many sex workers suffer harassment from performing in an adult video, where the producer has inflicted psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse on them on a regular basis and then further

  • Wiping sex videos off the internet

    Wiping sex videos off the internet

    Imagine a very low (or very high) time in your life, perhaps a long time ago and you did something that you regret; something that you felt you needed to do to pay the bills; something that you did when under the influence or just something, like performing in sex videos, that you wouldn't necessarily do now based on different circumstances? 

    Now, imagine those worst moments are played over and over and shared and